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Do you ever wonder what goes on behind the scenes at Helloworldpaperco.com and how do we ship out all our fun stamps?  Well we are going to fill you in!

Hello World Paper Co. Ship Station

Here at the HW studio, we are a well oiled machine when it comes to the process of shipping out your stamps!  We also ship out wedding stationery however stamps are the heart of our biz so today we are focusing on them.  Of course we have to give props to IKEA & Target  (our favorite places to shop) for the well-organized ship station!   When we designed the ship station our end goal was to make the process as smooth as possible so we kept it simple and we got it all for under $200!

The large white table you see above is where it all takes place…  This is where “We Get Ship Done!"   We got this table in the "slightly damaged" section of IKEA where they put scratched or flawed merchandise.  This table literally had a small scratch on the top so we snagged it for $60.  SCORE!  We put a shelf behind the table to put baskets on to hold tape, stamps, stickers, bags, gift note cards, and a pen cup.  We got the baskets at Target for $5 a piece.  We LOVE using baskets to keep ourselves organized!  I think we have baskets for just about everything on our ship station! They are so great for organizing and make cleaning up a breeze!

We also found some awesome silver wire baskets at the Target Dollar Spot one day while out shopping for the office!  Of course we couldn't pass them up!  Finding a home for them wasn’t hard either….they fell right into place with our shipping station, housing or bubble mailers and our packaging accessories for smooth shipping!  

Our favorite items in the ship station besides the baskets are our tissue rack, our letter sign, and our USPS scale.  The tissue rack is a bath towel rack from Target.  Having the tissue hung on the wall frees up valuable shelf or drawer space.  If your tissue paper is hanging around taking up room in a drawer, go buy a $15 dollar towel rack at Target - it's amazing!  The sign from Letterfolk Co. injects a little fun and humor into the space.  We occasionally will change out the sign and we also use it in some of our product photography.   Finally the scale peeking out from the corner of the photo below next to the tissue paper is our USPS shipping scale.  I highly recommend this scale and you can find it here.  The scale is super accurate and has probably saved me and my customers hundreds if not thousands of dollars in shipping costs.  Take the guess work out of shipping and just get one.

So, how do your Amazing stamps get packaged and ready to be shipped?


1. First order of business...we sort out all the wood mounted stamps from the self-inking stamps and organize them on our table! 

2. We set the custom stamps aside so we can take some photos for social media and our online portfolio.  We love when we get to design custom stamps for businesses and weddings, so of course we take tons of pictures of those right away before we ship them out!  

3. We test all of our stamps!  We want your stamp to show up on your door step in perfect working condition so we take the time to quality check each and every stamp before it heads out the door.

4. We use the Dymo 4XL to print shipping labels.  This label printer is amazing and has saved us so much money on ink.  Once the shipping labels are printed, we start packaging your stamps!  We use cute little teal blue bags with white polka-dots for your stamps that are sealed with our company logo, unless the stamp is larger than it goes in a box. 

5.  Once all the stamps are packaged, we always restock our station.  This keeps us ready for when we need to ship out our next orders!


Thanks for stopping by!  Stay stunned for more behind the scene tours of Hello World Paper Co.!

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